Three teams emerge as likely suitors for Dennis Schroder

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Los Angeles Lakers point guard Dennis Schroder is going to have one of the more interesting offseasons of any NBA free agent. He will be aiming high when it comes to landing his new contract, as he has already turned down a lucrative contract extension from the Lakers.

A few months ago, according to The New York Times, Schroder was reportedly offered a four-year extension in the $80 million range by the Lakers but turned it down. It was shocking to see someone turn down that kind of money, and is part of the reason that the Lakers shopped him ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

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For Schroder, the Lakers may not be exactly what he is looking for. He wants a starting role as the lead playmaker, something that will not happen as long as LeBron James is in town. In addition, he is hoping to lock down a major payday.

If Schroder indeed moves on from Los Angeles after one season, we know have some insight into where he may end up. According to Stadium, it is the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors that are suitors for Schroder in NBA free agency.

Schroder, as the video states, is the biggest free agent the Lakers have this season. To capitalize on that, as they do not have much wiggle room when it comes to adding outside free agents, they either have to retain him or flip him in a sign-and-trade to recoup some assets.

As for the three teams mentioned, they all make sense as spots that could give Schroder what he wants. The Bulls and Knicks were linked in NBA trade rumors to be searching for point guards before the NBA trade deadline and with how each team’s season ended, the point guard search will continue into the summer. The Raptors’ need for a point guard hinges on whether or not they bring back franchise icon, Kyle Lowry.

With how Schroder played in the postseason, he may have tanked some of his value heading into free agency. When the Lakers needed him most with Anthony Davis hampered in the series against the Phoenix Suns, Schroder could not deliver. That is not the lasting impression you want to leave when seeking a max contract in free agency.