This Grizzlies-Thunder trade pairs Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Ja Morant

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The Memphis Grizzlies are a team that had a taste of success this year. They missed out on the NBA postseason by one game down in the bubble last season and took it to the next level this year. Memphis was successful in the play-in portion of the postseason and got a series as an eight seed against the Utah Jazz. They were eliminated but the front office could use this as motivation in the offseason.

The Grizzlies have their franchise player in Ja Morant. They used the second-overall pick on the point guard in the 2019 NBA Draft and it has worked out to this point. Now, the Grizzlies have to build around him and that is what they can do in a trade such as this one.

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Jonas Valanciunas has been mentioned as the main trade piece in Memphis and he could be used to land another star, especially in the backcourt. This would help the Grizzlies take that next step in the Western Conference.

The Oklahoma City Thunder seems like an option in most trades. They are loaded with assets and that was the goal of Sam Presti. He has piled up draft picks over the next five years. Oklahoma City is in a good place as far as assets but they do not have the talent on the court to compete.

If they want to move some of their key players, the Thunder would just take another step towards rebuilding further. That is what they could do with the Grizzlies here.

When looking at a potential deal like this one, it would clearly show the goal of both sides. Let’s take a look at what it might take for the Grizzlies and Thunder to get into business together.