5 NBA teams who need to go all-out to trade for a star

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Regardless of whether or not NBA teams are in the playoffs, they are beginning to think about what moves they could conduct in the offseason. But for the most part, teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs already, or teams that fell short of making it to the postseason, have some extra time to consider changes they could make to their respective rosters.

In the upcoming offseason, it remains to be seen how deep the pool of free agents will be with multiple notable players having player options.

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There are also players that are restricted free agents, making it tough to gauge whether or not they’ll legitimately hit the open market. With that in mind, teams could show some interest on the trade front this offseason.

When the playoffs conclude, the NBA trade rumors of which star players will be moved to a new team will be the hot topic of discussion in the offseason.

Taking into account what teams are expected to make alterations, let’s take a look at a handful of franchises that should make a concerted effort to trade for a star player this offseason.