Buying or Selling Latest NBA Rumors: Lillard, Beal, Sexton, Walker, and More

Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers

As the NBA playoffs continue to progress to a later stage, the teams no longer playing will be preparing for the 2021 NBA Draft and for potential roster moves. The offseason is a prime opportunity to partake in re-tooling, shifting of identity, or simply tearing it down. So far, there’s already been some intriguing NBA trade rumors to take a look at.

Superstars who are on teams who either failed to make the playoffs, or were eliminated in Round 1 quickly find themselves being included in NBA trade rumors, one way or another. A few examples include Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal, who have carried their respective teams with explosive scoring without much help.

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Sometimes, a team needs to just make a change and move on from a situation that hasn’t quite panned out. The Boston Celtics face this precise scenario with Kemba Walker, who has has struggled to stay healthy in recent seasons. He will be far from the only player whose team will look to move on.

A lot can change in a hurry with the NBA. Some superstars who were thought of as being highly unlikely to ever want out of their current team could grow tired of experiencing shortcomings and want out. For now, we alredy have some early indication of such possibilities in a few cases.

With that being said, let’s evaluate whether we are ‘buying’ or ‘selling’ the latest NBA Rumors that have developed, as of late.

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