5 blockbuster trades we would love to see in the NBA offseason

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The NBA playoffs are still underway, but it is never too early to mess around with the NBA trade machine. Trades are bound to happen in the offseason, and there could be multiple star players that could be headed elsewhere. The offseason is a perfect time — if you already didn’t have them on ahead of the trade deadline this season — to turn on Twitter notifications for ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

With players having more control than ever of where they would prefer to play, trades have become a means of them achieving their desires. For instance, Anthony Davis became upset with his situation on the New Orleans Pelicans and proceeded to force his way to the Los Angeles Lakers to play alongside LeBron James.

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The duo would win a title in their first season together, showing that going all in for a superstar can prove to be a fruitful strategy (sorry Danny Ainge).

When devising possible trades in the NBA, it can sometimes feel like you’re trying to manufacture a trade that would create more excitement within the league. There are a few players that if they were to land on a certain team would likely please the masses.

Some of these trades are less likely to happen than others, but it’s still fun to piece together trades that could alter the outlook of specific teams.