This Blazers-Knicks offseason trade is focused on CJ McCollum

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The NBA season is nearing its end and the focus for the majority of the teams in the league have already began to shift towards the quickly approaching offseason. The offseason is expected to be an active one for NBA teams this year, and there are going to be quite a bit of moving pieces, similar to what we saw at the NBA trade deadline this past season. A pair of teams who could look to make a splash this offseason are the Portland Trail Blazers and New York Knicks.

Neither the Blazers nor Knicks made a deep playoff run this year, but that could create for some big time blockbuster moves for the two teams. The Trail Blazers represent the NBA’s Western Conference while the Knicks represent the Eastern Conference; which could make a deal between these two sides a bit more likely than if they were in the same conference.

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The Trail Blazers haven’t quite figured out how to breakthrough the Western Conference during the Damian Lillard era. Earning an appearance in the 2019 Western Conference Finals has been as close as they’ve gotten to the NBA Finals. Change may be needed in order to get the job done.

During the playoffs, the ball is dominated by Damian Lillard in the Trail Blazers’ offense, and rightfully so. He’s running a heavy share of pick-and-roll and attacking in isolation while CJ McCollum is primarily getting his opportunities off-the-catch when sharing the floor. Is that worth the cost? That must answered this offseason.

CJ McCollum was been tossed around in some NBA trade rumors over the years, but no deal ever came to fruition. While no deal ever went down, the Blazers seeking a viable trade partner this offseason could be a great idea for a variety of reasons.

With that being Let’s take a look at what an NBA offseason trade scenario centered around CJ McCollum between the New York Knicks and Portland Trail Blazers could look like.