This Pistons-Timberwolves offseason trade is centered on Jarrett Culver

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The Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons were both near the bottom of the NBA this season. It was a tough year for these two franchises and some big changes could be coming in the offseason. Both sides are far from contention but have a chance to make some moves that will reshape the lineups right away.

Detroit already made some moves this season to send veteran players away. It began when they traded Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks in the middle of the season. Blake Griffin and the Pistons agreed to a buyout before he agreed to a deal with the Brooklyn Nets.

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The Pistons made it clear that they are interested in adding younger players in hopes of rebuilding quickly and adding players that will contribute for the future. This would be another move that could attempt to point them in the right direction and add another prospect.

Minnesota has been in rumors but they have not been able to pull the trigger on any. We have seen NBA trade rumors featuring D’Angelo Russell and Malik Beasley throughout the season. It seems as no one is safe in Minnesota other than Anthony Edwards, who was taken with the first-overall pick in this year’s draft.

Karl-Anthony Towns recently said that he wants to play for one team for his entire career but there is a chance that Minnesota decides to get a huge return for the big man. Until then, it is all speculation but they can begin the offseason with a lower-level deal.

The Pistons would welcome the idea of a trade with a team like Minnesota. Here is what a potential deal might look like between these two teams in the offseason.