This Raptors-Sixers offseason trade features Kyle Lowry to Philadelphia

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While the NBA is currently in the midst of several highly contested and viewed playoff battles, we have opted to shift our focus to the intriguing part of the NBA offseason that could feature some of the biggest offseason trades. Several teams are going to be testing the waters this offseason, and the Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers could partake in their fair share of the festivities.

If this trade were to even be possible, Kyle Lowry would have to agree to a sign and trade type of scenario where he would sign a deal with the Raptors (likely because they would be willing to give him a financial bonus) and then be dealt to a team like the Sixers who would then be forced to pay him his contract.

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The 76ers, however, already have been linked in NBA trade rumors as being in the mix for Kyle Lowry at the deadline and it’s difficult to anticipate that being any different in the offseason.

A trade between these two teams could certainly send shockwaves throughout the league, but it would and could make a lot of sense for both sides. The Sixers want a veteran shooter to help them stay competitive and Kyle Lowry wants to make as much money as possible before he calls it quits.

Kyle Lowry was tossed around in plenty of NBA trade rumors that went far beyond just the 76ers, but no deal ever came to fruition. While no deal ever went down, the Raptors seeking a viable trade partner this offseason could be a great idea for a variety of reasons in a potential sign-and-trade scenario.

Let’s take a look at what a sign-and-trade deal centered around Kyle Lowry would look like for the Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors, based on the analysis of Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz.