Dennis Schroder will seek major payday, starting role in NBA free agency

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The 2021 NBA offseason will be an important one for many players. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic sapping some of the league’s revenue, there will still be several teams with ample cap space to spend this summer.

While this isn’t the deepest NBA free-agent class in recent history, the point guard position does have some intriguing players to keep an eye on in NBA rumors. One of the players that should be setting the market for the point guards this summer is Dennis Schroder.

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Schroder is playing out the final season of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, who acquired him via trade from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Schroder is averaging 15.4 points, 5.8 assists, 3.5 rebounds and 1.1 steals per game. However, he may not be long for Los Angeles.

Earlier this season, the Lakers offered Schroder a four-year, $84 million extension, which he turned down. Turning down a contract that pays $22 million annually was a bit surprising to see, but it sounds like Schroder is not satisfied with the role he currently has with Los Angeles.

Schroder, according to a veteran personnel man, sees himself as a big market player that wants to start. There aren’t many markets bigger than Los Angeles, and Schroder is locked in as the team’s starting point guard. 

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So, what is the issue? It sounds like Schroder wants to be paid like a top-tier point guard and be the leading playmaker for a team. Playing alongside LeBron James, those are unattainable goals, so Schroder will look to cash in during NBA free agency.

Schroder could land a deal worth at least $90 million in NBA free agency, as numerous teams are looking to upgrade the point guard position this summer – giving the Los Angeles Lakers some real competition to retain him. One team to keep an eye on is the New York Knicks in NBA rumors, who will have ample cap space and a glaring need at the point guard position going forward.