This Clippers-Warriors offseason trade is focused on Paul George

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Here we go again…the Los Angeles Clippers are underachieving in the NBA playoffs with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George at the helm. The Dallas Mavericks currently hold a 2-0 series lead with the next two games being played in front of their roaring crowd at American Airlines Center.

There has to be some early thought about what the Clippers could face in the offseason if they were to get bounced in the opening round of the NBA playoffs. Right now, Luka Doncic has countered what has been thrown at him and Tim Hardaway Jr. is out-playing Paul George.

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The Clippers will need to worry about a few potential scenarios in the event were to get eliminated early. For starters, Kawhi Leonard never signed a contract extension and is set to become a free agent. Will he depart from Los Angeles to form a new super-team? Or will he prompt the Clippers to instead trade Paul George for a different set of pieces that can better help to get the job done? These will each be potential outcomes to monitor in NBA trade rumors.

In either of those two potential scenarios, trading Paul George would be a logical course of action for the Clippers. The Golden State Warriors are a team that could field a compelling trade package, assuming the 2021 1st round pick from the Minnesota Timberwolves actually conveys this offseason.

With that being said, let’s take a look at an offseason NBA trade scenario that features Paul George being traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Golden State Warriors.