This Kings-Pacers offseason trade is centered on Myles Turner

Myles Turner, Pacers, Kings
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The 2021 NBA offseason is going to be headlined with blockbuster trades and big name acquisitions, and the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers could chose to partake in the festivities. The Kings and Pacers could both be very active this upcoming offseason, and this trade centered around big man Myles Turner could prove that.

Both the Kings and Pacers aren’t in the position they want to be, but a trade between these two teams could change that. Neither of these squads are expected to make a deep playoff run next season, but they have the assets to make one in the near future.

These two teams are hoping to make some noise in their respective conferences, and a trade between the two sides could make a lot of sense. A trade between these two teams could give each side exactly what they need to make the playoffs moving forward as soon as next season.

Turner was tossed around in some NBA Trade Deadline rumors this season, but no deal ever came to fruition. While no deal went down, the Pacers seeking a viable trade partner this offseason could be a great idea for a variety of reasons.

Let’s take a look at what a deal between these two teams could look like.