Breaking down the Eastern Conference Play-In Tournament teams

NBA Play-In Tournament, Charlotte Hornets, Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards
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We have finally made it to the postseason and with the NBA play-in tournament format being introduced this season, there is definitely going to be some very fun and interesting games to watch to see who ends up as the 7-seed and 8-seed in each conference. 

The Eastern Conference has not been as strong as the Western Conference over the last several years and this year, the narrative is the same record wise amongst the teams battling for the final playoff spots, but all four of the teams that will be partaking in this year’s Eastern Conference Play-In Tournament definitely are intriguing in their own ways. 

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The Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers and Charlotte Hornets are the four teams who will battle to secure their playoff spot this year and either face the Philadelphia 76ers or Brooklyn Nets in the first-round of the playoffs. 

The winner of the Wizards vs. Celtics matchup will take the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Whichever team loses will take on the winner of the Pacers vs. Hornets showdown in order to try to earn the 8th seed.

With the play-in tournament starting tomorrow night, let’s take a look at each of these four teams and break them down to see who truly has a chance to not only win their way into the playoffs, but who has a chance to possibly pull off one of the upsets of the century in the first-round!

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