Why the Trail Blazers should not consider acquiring Kevin Love

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Kevin Love does not make the Trail Blazers better defensively

Right now, the Blazers rank 5th in the league in offensive rating, but they rank 29th in the league in defensive rating. They have the biggest differential in offensive and defensive ratings in the league and they are one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA. 

As a result, Portland should have one goal this offseason and that should be to add more talent to their roster that can help them defensively. Kevin Love cannot do that, so why use the little cap space that you have to bring him in, especially when you would have to pay more luxury taxes by trading for him? 

Kevin Love has never really been known to be a defensive-focused player and now, since he is on the back-half of his career, teams tend to target him to attack offensively.

This would be yet another problem defensively for Portland to try and deal with, which is why it is not worth the headache. 

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The Blazers need to get better defensively and going after Kevin Love cannot help them with that. The only way Portland should consider bringing in Kevin Love is if he is willing to sign a minimum contract after potentially being bought out by the Cavaliers. Any other scenario should be off-the-table for the Trail Blazers.

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