3 teams who are one piece away from something special

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With the regular season coming to an end in the coming weeks, all the focus is now shifting towards the NBA Playoffs and teams that have a chance to win a championship this year, but for some teams, their focus will begin shifting towards next season and what needs to be done to try and build themselves into true championship contenders. 

This may even be true for some teams that are currently in the playoff picture! While technically every team in the playoffs has a chance to win a title, some teams really do not have a chance to win a championship because they simply lack talent compared to the better teams in the league or simply because they are missing something. 

Every year, it seems like there are a handful of teams who seem to be missing that one extra talent that can push them over the edge and make them true contenders.

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Last year, Anthony Davis was that missing piece for the Lakers and this year, Chris Paul seems like he was the missing piece for the Suns being a borderline playoff team to being a true championship contender. 

Plenty of teams will be searching for answers in the offseason to try and compete for a championship in the future, so let’s take a look at three teams in particular who right now are one piece away from being something special. 

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