Why LeBron James is wrong about the NBA Play-In Tournament

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The NBA Play-In Tournament allows for more exciting matchups which means more money for the league

While the teams and players that end up in this play-in format may not like this new extension of the playoffs, fans of the NBA will definitely tune in to watch these exciting “win or go home” matchups! 

Not only will we see some very exciting and thrilling matchups in the play-in tournament this year since they are basically being played as “Game 7s,” but the league will be making more money from these games due to viewership. More games equals more money for the league, so why would they not want to hold these extra games? 

More money for the league as a whole directly contributes to the increases in the salary cap and luxury tax threshold, which also means more future money for the players as well, so LeBron James saying the play-in tournament is a waste is quite wrong. 

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From a business standpoint for the league, this move makes total sense because they not only make more money, but the fan engagement from these games will be extremely high. More people will be tuning in to watch these games and more people will be talking about the NBA, which is why the play-in tournament will do exactly what it is designed to do. 

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