Why LeBron James is wrong about the NBA Play-In Tournament

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All season long LeBron James has not said anything about the Play-In Tournament

It seems kind of odd that LeBron James would come out and say this in regards to the play-in tournament, especially now when his team is on the verge of playing in it! The Lakers have been struggling this season, but the main reason they have been struggling is because their two stars in James and Davis have missed a significant amount of time with separate injuries. 

Davis missed nearly two months with a calf injury and LeBron was sidelined for about a month with a high ankle sprain. Now, the two superstars are back on the court for the Lakers, but this is a team that has lost three consecutive games now and 11 of their last 17 games. 

After losing to the Raptors, the Lakers are now tied with the Mavericks and Blazers in the Western Conference standings and these teams will likely end up as the 5-seed, 6-seed and 7-seed in the West, but who will be the 7-seed playing in the play-in tournament is yet to be determined. 

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It is very clear that LeBron James does not want to play in the play-in tournament, hence why he feels this way about it! Earlier in the season, James did not say anything in regards to the play-in tournament because it did not affect him and his team at all, so why should he comment on it? 

Now, with the Lakers struggling and falling in the standings, ending up in the play-in tournament is a real possibility for Los Angeles, which is why James feels the way he does about the playoff format this year. If the Lakers were a Top-4 team in the West right now, he would not be saying anything in regards to this play-in tournament, so his comments are likely out of frustration due to the Lakers struggles. 

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