3 teams who are mastering the “art of tanking” this NBA season

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Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder have a bunch of young talents and they have been stashing draft picks left and right, which is the correct formula for them to tank. Since the All-Star break, the Oklahoma City Thunder have won six games. Six games! That’s it, that is all they have won! 

Do they care though? Well, the players might, but the front office and GM Sam Presti are more than thrilled because the Thunder have a great chance to end up with a top pick in this year’s NBA Draft to add onto their stockpile of young talents and draft picks! 

As soon as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander went down with a foot injury that has kept him out since late-March, the Thunder have been the worst team in the league and they have had some pretty embarrassing, but impressive losses. 

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The Oklahoma City Thunder, a professional basketball team, lost 152-95 the other night to the Indiana Pacers. They lost by 57 points and were trailing by 65 points at one point in the game! Pride wise, this has to hurt for everybody who was on that court for the Thunder, but quite honestly, their organization should not really care. 

The Thunder won one game in the month of April and it came against the Boston Celtics, who looked like they wanted to lose the game more than the Thunder. The only part of this game that was funny though is that the Celtics were actually trying to win and they lost and the Thunder were trying to lose and they won! 

While they “tanked” this year, the Oklahoma City Thunder are set up for a ton of success moving forward, as they have plenty of high-level young talents, as well as a plethora of draft picks through 2027 that is enough to supply them with two full teams of players! Sam Presti knows what he is doing and the Thunder are going to be one of the best teams in the league in a matter of years.

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