This Thunder-Warriors offseason trade is focused on James Wiseman

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The Oklahoma City Thunder have clearly embarked on a full rebuild and will have plenty of intriguing trade options to pursue in the NBA offseason. If they were to look to add another dynamic prospect, the Golden State Warriors could pose a prime opportunity.

The Warriors are a team with a lot of potential, but a slew of injuries have them between a rock and a hard place when it comes to trying to make the playoffs this year. Stephen Curry is playing MVP-level basketball and James Wiseman’s timeline isn’t quite up to speed in order to be a key contributor on a lengthy playoff run.

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The Thunder are in an even worse spot as the playoffs are nowhere in sight and they’ll be looking to build for the future instead. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is the franchise cornerstone and adding players around him is a priority for the long-term. How about a roll man like James Wiseman that can grow alongside him?

There was an expectation that Wiseman would be raw to begin his NBA career. That certainly proved to be the case during his first season with the Warriors. Golden State is likely not going to be able to develop him in time to be a truly impactful player while Stephen Curry is playing at such a high-level. However, the Thunder have nothing but time.

James Wiseman was tossed around in some NBA trade rumors around the deadline this season, but no deal ever came to fruition. While no deal ever went down, the Warriors seeking a viable trade partner for their rookie center this offseason could be a great idea for a variety of reasons.

Let’s take a look at what an NBA offseason trade scenario centered around James Wiseman could look like for the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder.

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