3 intriguing offseason targets for Clippers to pursue

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The Los Angeles Clippers have some work to do before the NBA offseason but it is never too early to begin talking about possible additions. The Clippers are one of the top teams in the league and will be contending for a championship once the postseason comes around. If they have another disappointing end to the season, there could be some more big moves being made out of Los Angeles.

It begins with bringing Kawhi Leonard back. He has a player option heading into next year and it is likely that he opts out. This does not mean that he is leaving but it is a smart business move to opt out and re-negotiate.

This is at the top of the priority list for the front office heading into the offseason. It is important for the Clippers to keep the elite duo of Leonard and Paul George together, especially when attempting to compete with the other top teams in the Western Conference.

The Clippers have shown interest in adding depth at the point-guard position. They made a deal for Rajon Rondo at the trade deadline and this gave them the veteran option they were looking for. The front-court is another area that was a point of emphasis.

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Serge Ibaka signed with the Clippers in NBA free agency. There is a trend going on and we know where the Clippers could be heading come free agency. The offseason will be busy for a team like the Clippers.

Los Angeles is an intriguing destination for any players looking for a new home. Here are three players to keep an eye on in the offseason.

Terry Rozier, Knicks, Hornets, Lakers
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Terry Rozier

The Los Angeles Clippers pursued a trade for Terry Rozier last offseason. Nothing came to fruition and they could revisit the idea this time around. Rozier is currently in the second of a three-year deal he signed with the Charlotte Hornets.

With the emergence of rookie LaMelo Ball, the Hornets could look to send away one of their other guards. Terry Rozier is the one that could be on the move.

This season, Rozier is scoring 20.3 points per game and is shooting 39.4% from three-point range. He has proven that he is a dynamic option at the point-guard position and could take it to the next level with the Clippers. Los Angeles made a move for Rondo but he is not the long-term option they are looking for.

Also, he would be better coming off the bench behind a player like Terry Rozier. This would give the Clippers another threat on the offensive end of the floor.

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Terry Rozier made a name for himself in Boston and is continuing his success with the Hornets. If they decide to move him in the offseason before his contract is up, the Clippers could put together a package.

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George Hill

The Clippers have been linked to Hill for much of the season. The Oklahoma City Thunder could be looking to move Hill in the offseason and this is where the Clippers could come in. Los Angeles has some expiring contracts and draft capital that they could be looking to package together. Hill would not be expensive and this works in the favor of Los Angeles.

Hill has been dealing with an injury to his thumb. He has been limited to just 24 games this season split between Oklahoma City and Philadelphia. In those games he has averaged 9.0 points and was shooting the ball well from three-point range.

Hill is a veteran option that has plenty of experience in the postseason. This should intrigue Los Angeles moving forward but he is not the star name that they could be looking for. It all depends how much of a splash the front office wants to make.

Hill is a productive player and is viewed as a low-risk, inexpensive move for a team. Ultimately, this is what the Clippers could be looking for.

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These two sides have been linked for almost a year now and the Clippers could finally pull the trigger on a deal. It will be interesting to see how deep they will go to improve the top of the offense.

Otto Porter Jr., Orlando Magic, NBA Trade Rumors, NBA Free Agency

Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter Jr. is in the final year of a four-year deal he signed with the Washington Wizards back in 2017. The Orlando Magic are the third team that Porter Jr. has played with in the duration of his contract.

When the offseason comes around, Porter Jr. will not be as expensive as last time. He could be an upgrade from three-point range for the Clippers. This will be one of the ‘low-risk, high-reward’ options on the wing in NBA free agency.

Porter Jr. is a career 40.2% shooter from the three-point line. At 27 years old, there is a chance for many productive years out of Porter Jr. This is especially true on a team like the Clippers. He would fit right into the offensive scheme and not be a focal point.

This would take some pressure off him. Otto Porter Jr. was sent to Orlando and has played just three games since being sent over. He has been an inconsistent player all year and has had some difficulties staying on the floor.

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It is likely that Otto Porter Jr. will walk away in NBA free agency. He has a chance to join a contender and that is exactly what the Clippers are. This would help them on both ends of the floor for a discounted rate.

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