3 teams who will be the biggest threats in play-in tournament

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Last season was unlike any other in the NBA due to the shutdown and resumption of play in the NBA Bubble and while things are starting to go back to normal this season, this year’s playoff format will definitely be different than in past years. 

For the first time ever, the NBA is experimenting with a new play-in tournament for the NBA playoffs, consisting of the 7-10 seeds in both the Eastern and Western Conferences. The way the play-in tournament will work is as follows:

The 7-seed and 8-seed will face off in a one-game showdown where the winner of this game will go on to be the 7-seed in either the East/West and the loser of the game will play the winner of the 9-seed vs. 10-seed game to see who will end up being the 8-seed. 

Basically, if you win, you clinch your spot if you are either the 7-seed or 8-seed and if you are the 9-seed or 10-seed, you need to win two games to clinch your spot as the 8-seed. It is definitely kind of confusing, but trust me, it makes sense! 

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With two extra teams having a chance to make the NBA playoffs this season, there is going to be a ton of interesting and competitive games played down the stretch run of the season, but which teams will present the biggest threat should they have to play in the play-in tournament?

Let’s take a look at three teams that none of the top teams in the league, nor other play-in game teams will want to see in the play-in tournament this season. 

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