This Hornets-Magic offseason trade gives Mo Bamba a fresh start

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Orlando Magic

Just like players need a chance of scenery, the same goes for teams. Sometimes both sides need to see that it is not working and that is what is happening here with Mo Bamba and the Orlando Magic. They are in the midst of a massive rebuild and Bamba is part of that. 

Orlando finally decided to blow it up after two straight postseason appearances. They entered as low seeds and suffered early exits. This put the team in a bit of a limbo period but after a putrid first half this year, the front office decided to completely sell.  

Markelle Fultz is the only one left and this was supposed to be the year that he took that next step. A torn ACL halted that progress and they will not wait for next season. Fultz will be forced to do it with little help. It will take sometime for Orlando to build the team back up and Bamba is not part of the future. That has been evident over the years. 

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It will be interesting to see which direction the team finally decides to go here. There will be plenty of options in the offseason and the team certainly cannot wait for this season to end. 

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