This Hornets-Magic offseason trade gives Mo Bamba a fresh start

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Charlotte Hornets

When looking at the current makeup of the Charlotte Hornets, there is no doubt that they need to improve down low. They are a team that is taking advantage of the current makeup of the Eastern Conference this season. The team is currently fighting for a postseason shot but the front office knows that they will have to improve in the offseason. 

The Hornets are not a championship team. They are barely postseason contenders but they are trending in the right direction. We saw them be aggressive last offseason when they gave Gordon Hayward a $120 million contract in free agency. This, along with Ball, was the biggest addition of the offseason. We could see the team continue to improve this year.

Why not take a chance on a young player that will not cost much? Bamba has great size and length in the frontcourt. He is a big that is supposed to be athletic with the ability to shoot the ball from deep. He could develop on a team once healthy and take advantage of an extended role next season. 

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This is a low-risk, high-reward move for the Hornets. If Mo Bamba works out then they have an impact player for cheap. If he does not, then there is no harm giving up what they did to acquire him. 

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