REPORT: Warriors expected to pursue offseason trade for Kristaps Porzingis

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Photo Credit: Kyle Geopano

Why This Trade Would Make Perfect Sense

The Mavericks would likely prefer to be able to keep Kristaps Porzingis long-term with no issues. However, there is a reason that they were open to moving him ahead of the trade deadline. Obviously, they do not feel like he is going to be there long-term and a move now would net them a lot of value.

If Dallas truly feels that they need to move Porzingis and that they won’t be able to keep him long-term, the Warriors need to go all-out to make a trade happen. Golden State is exactly the destination that makes the most sense.

Klay Thompson’s injury is very unfortunate not just due to him not being able to play, but the Warriors don’t know how the duo of him and Curry would have fared this season. But, the chance to acquire a third superstar should never be passed up. Porzingis would be the kind of player that would fit perfectly alongside of Curry and Thompson.

Golden State and the Mavericks could come together on a big-time blockbuster trade. There is no telling what pieces it would require for the Warriors to give up to make it happen. Any price outside of Thompson and Curry would likely be acceptable to bring in a star of Porzingis’ level.

Porzingis may not end up getting traded this offseason, but the Warriors are a team to watch. They wanted him before the deadline and it sounds like they will reignite their pursuit in the offseason.

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