This Knicks-Hawks offseason trade gives Cam Reddish a fresh start

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New York Knicks Receive: Cam Reddish

Atlanta Hawks Receives: 2021 1st Round Pick (via DAL), 2021 2nd Round Pick (via DET)

This is a favorable deal for each team because it allows them to build up their current rosters while also building up for the future as well. It’s not one that would change the balance of the NBA by any stretch, but it would be an intriguing outcome that would help an ascending Knicks team continue to climb.

The Knicks would benefit from having a solid young small forward in Cam Reddish on their roster, while the Hawks would benefit from the 2021 first round pick and early second round pick as they look to stash some draft capital.

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Atlanta would get a very solid return investment from dealing away Cam Reddish in their pair of draft picks, which could certainly help the team compete for a playoff spot beyond this season. Cam Reddish is under contract through the 2023-24 season, so they will need to get some great value in order to agree to a deal.

This trade gives both sides exactly what they’re looking for in terms of talent, and it’s a very fair deal between two competitive rosters. Let’s take a look at how this trade directly impacts each team directly.

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