This Heat-Wizards offseason trade is focused on Russell Westbrook

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards acquiring Russell Westbrook was one of the biggest moves last offseason. He has shown great individual success this season but it does not seem like a long-term piece for the franchise. The Wizards will have options on which player they want to trade but at this time, Westbrook seems like a likely candidate.

For Washington, this is a move that fits well into the rebuild. Westbrook is owed a lot of money over the duration of his contract and would benefit a team ready to win now. The Wizards should be interested in adding draft capital along with some short term contracts. That is exactly what they would be doing in a deal such as this one.

The thought process is quite clear, Andre Igoudala and Goran Dragic are not long-term players and they would help the salary dump. These are two veterans signed to deals final-year team-options for the Miami Heat. Both players would have expiring deals after their team options get picked up.

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It is likely that the Wizards want to hold onto build. He has been their franchise player over the years and continues to be a top scorer in the NBA. For Westbrook, this means he could be on the move as soon as the season is complete.

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