This Heat-Wizards offseason trade is focused on Russell Westbrook

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Miami Heat Receive: Russell Westbrook

Washington Wizards Receive: Goran Dragic, Andre Iguodala, KZ Okpala, 2025 1st Round Pick

Russell Westbrook could be the star that gets moved in the NBA offseason. He makes the Washington Wizards’ half-court offense far too stagnant and isn’t nearly efficient enough to justify that philosophy. There isn’t enough shooting around him to make it work consistently either.

Bradley Beal has a loyalty to the Wizards and spoke out about not wanting to be traded. This means that he could go after Westbrook in hopes of improving their point guard position for the future.

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The Miami Heat certainly have asked if they would be able to send Washington in return. Goran Dragic would lead to return as a replacement guard in the backcourt for the Wizards. Andre Iguodala and a first-round pick in 2025 would also be part of the deal.

Let’s take a closer look and see how this deal would benefit both sides right away.

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