3 teams who could make a serious run at Victor Oladipo in NBA free agency

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Miami Heat

Victor Oladipo was sent to the Miami Heat at the NBA trade deadline. The Houston Rockets were unable to get an extension done after making a deal for Oladipo with the Indiana Pacers. There were feelings that Oladipo wanted to end up with the Heat and that is exactly what happened. No extension has been done yet which means he could be heading to NBA free agency. 

If no deal is done before the end of the season, the Heat should make a big run at Oladipo. They already did in the trade market and could decide to keep him around long term. There will be mutual interest in the offseason so this seems like a logical spot.

The Miami Heat is trying to make a run in the second half of the season to secure a postseason spot in a weak Eastern Conference. They came into the season with hopes of being one of the top teams but it has not worked out that way to this point. It is hard to imagine the Heat acquiring Oladipo as a rental without any serious thought about re-signing him. 

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Just because he is on this team currently does not mean that the Heat cannot be mentioned on the list. Once a player hits free agency, they are fair game and Miami could be one of the top teams interested in signing Victor Oladipo. 

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