3 teams who could make a serious run at Victor Oladipo in NBA free agency

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It has been a busy season for Victor Oladipo. He knows a thing or two about being traded and could have some experience in NBA free agency once the season is complete. 

The Indiana Pacers were the first team to move Oladipo. He returned from a knee injury down in the bubble last season and entered this year knowing he was going to be traded. The Houston Rockets made a move after they sent James Harden to Brooklyn.

The Rockets offered Oladipo a two-year extension worth $45 million but he turned it down. This led to another deal at the deadline and this time, the Miami Heat acquired Oladipo. 

There were talks that this was where Oladipo wanted to be. No extension has been signed just yet so there is a chance Oladipo makes it to NBA free agency. He has played in 31 games this season and is scoring 19.9 points per contest.

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Oladipo can still fill it up from anywhere on the floor and will earn himself another lucrative contract. There is a legitimate chance he could remain with the Miami Heat since both sides have interest in continuing their relationship beyond this season.

Once the season is complete, there will be plenty of interested teams. Oladipo will have his options on where to go and these three teams could be after him hard.