3 backup plans for Clippers if Kawhi Leonard left in NBA free agency

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DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan was one of the biggest names on the trading block since the offseason. This continued leading up to the trade deadline but the San Antonio Spurs decided to hang onto him for the rest of the year. He is leading the way for a franchise looking to get back to the postseason after a one-year hiatus.

DeRozan continues to be one of the best midrange players in the league. He is scoring 21 points per game while shooting 49.3% from the floor. His three-point shot has not been there all year. DeRozan is just 29% from beyond the arc and this has caused some talk. At the end of the day, DeMar DeRozan can dominate without it and that has been the case over the course of his career.

This would bring a new dynamic to the Clippers to pair with Paul George. DeMar DeRozan is being paid $27.7 million this season and his price tag will go down a bit at 31 years old. This is a chance for the Clippers to get a star player on a bit of a bargain.

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It has been made abundantly clear that DeMar DeRozan was allegedly unhappy with the Spurs in the offseason. If he wants to finish out his career with a winning team, the Clippers could step in and be that team. Going back to his hometown of Los Angeles would surely be a welcomed outcome, especially for a championship contender.

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