3 backup plans for Clippers if Kawhi Leonard left in NBA free agency

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Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo has been moved twice already this season. The trade deadline has past which means he will play out the remainder of the season in Miami. The Indiana Pacers were the first to send him away and it was to the Houston Rockets. It did not take long to get him in a Heat jersey after the trade deadline. There were thoughts that Oladipo wants to be in Miami long term, but there are some other intriguing situations.

Los Angeles is definitely one. The Clippers have turned into one of the top teams in the Western Conference. Kawhi Leonard is a huge reason why but if he were to leave, there is still a strong core in place for Los Angeles, especially if they can land a second star like Victor Oladipo.

This season, he is scoring 20 points per game. There has been some criticism because of his inefficiency but Victor Oladipo remains an elite shooting guard in the league. He has overcome a devastating knee injury and is still playing the game at a high level. Oladipo will not be as expensive as he once was and the Clippers will have some room to work with if Leonard decides to opt out.

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The Clippers need to find that elite point guard to take their offense to the next level. Victor Oladipo would fit in well with Paul George along the perimeter and make the team difficult to guard. Los Angeles seems like an option that could lure him away from Miami in the offseason.

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