3 backup plans for Clippers if Kawhi Leonard left in NBA free agency

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Evan Fournier

Again, there are no players that can be added that will truly replace what Kawhi Leonard brings to the table. This will have to be done with a reshape of the roster around Paul George. This is where a player like Evan Fournier could come into play. He was sent to the Boston Celtics from Orlando at the trade deadline and it is unknown if he will be sticking around long term.

Fournier is a free agent following the season and one that has been productive throughout his career. At 28 years old, Fournier is averaging 19.7 points per game and is shooting 38.8% from three-point range. He has missed sometime this season but is productive when on the floor. Evan Fournier can fill it up from deep or create his own shot in the midrange. Most importantly, he knows how to play with other stars.

Evan Fournier is not a player who dominates the ball. He fits into offensive schemes well and uses his versatility to mold with the system that he is in. This is something that Los Angeles should be looking for with a player like George at the top.

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It’s certainly possible that Evan Fournier could test NBA free agency in the offseason if he does not re-sign with Boston. He might not make the splash that the Clippers could look for but his production is hard to argue against and it would give them another strong option on the perimeter.

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