3 teams who should keep tabs on a potential Domantas Sabonis trade

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Washington Wizards

Nothing has seemed to go right for the Wizards over the years, hence why they brought in Russell Westbrook prior to the start of the season. Westbrook has been putting up video game-like numbers, as has Bradley Beal, but these two alone cannot carry a team that has no talent. 

Washington just does not seem to have an identity as a team, nor a future with young, core talents, which is why going out and making a big move is necessary for them in the offseason, especially if they want to keep Bradley Beal long-term. 

Rui Hachimura, Deni Avdija and Davis Bertans are all younger talents that have a lot of potential to grow into something special, but unfortunately for the Wizards, they do not have time. The clock is ticking on both Westbrook’s and Beal’s futures in Washington, which is why making a move for a player like Sabonis is necessary. 

They desperately need a reliable frontcourt player to lean on, which is exactly what they would be getting with Sabonis. Not only could he be a great fit next to Westbrook and Beal, but the addition of Sabonis gives the Wizards three All-Star players to potentially contend in the Eatsern Conference. 

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They would have to pay taxes on this team, especially since they would then have to add role players and veteran signees around these guys, but in the end, this move could definitely put the Wizards into the playoff discussion in the Eastern Conference. 

With their current roster, the Wizards are not close to being a playoff team, which is why they have to be willing to make a big move and pay the taxes to put their team together. Beal and Westbrook combine for close to 70% of the Wizards total payroll, which is why this organization will have to pay taxes on any team they field that potentially has a chance to contend in the playoffs.

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