3 teams who could strongly consider Spencer Dinwiddie in free agency

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1. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat were another team linked to Spencer Dinwiddie at the NBA trade deadline but they ended up going in different directions. Oladipo got his wish and ended up in Miami, likely signing an extension at some point.

When it comes to competing, the Heat had expectations coming into the season but they have not looked the part this season. Entering the offseason, the Miami Heat will be looking to improve the point guard position.

Dinwiddie is an option to keep an eye on. Miami showed interest in adding another guard in this past offseason but decided to roll with Goran Dragic. Tyler Herro is beginning to emerge as a star and this means he will be around for the long haul.

Dinwiddie fits the mold because he is a scoring guard who can pass and knows how to play with other stars. Miami is not the championship-level team theft looked like last season and this could push the front office to make some more splashes. This is nothing new in Miami.

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Coming off an injury, Dinwiddie is expected to opt out of his contract and will have plenty of teams interested. He is a guard who will not have a chance to start in Brooklyn so it would benefit him to get that chance for another team. Miami could end up being that team.

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