3 teams best positioned for a major move in the NBA offseason

Pat Riley, Heat, Thunder

Every season is won and lost by the moves teams make in the NBA offseason and while we still have plenty of basketball yet to be played this year before we crown a champion, it is never too early to start speculating about possible moves that can be made in the offseason. 

With all of the talent in the NBA today, plenty of teams have championship aspirations and there are plenty of All-Star like talents that are set to become free agents.

Whether or not they opt out of their current contracts or they are on expiring contracts, plenty of players will be on the move this summer, meaning some teams could be positioned to make some big moves. There will be plenty of intriguing possibilities to monitor in NBA rumors as a result.

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This past offseason, the Charlotte Hornets and the Phoenix Suns made some huge moves to acquire Gordon Hayward and Chris Paul respectively and now, both teams look like they are well on their way to making the playoffs, ending both of their playoff droughts. 

Who could be the next few teams that are ready to make some big moves in the offseason to either cement their championship status or move up the totem pole in the NBA? Let’s take a look at three teams that are best positioned to make a major move in the NBA offseason this summer. 

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