3 teams who could make a serious run at DeMar DeRozan in NBA free agency

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New York Knicks

This is not the first time the New York Knicks have been linked to DeMar DeRozan since the offseason. This is because of his expiring contract and the Knicks’ need for a star presence in the lineup. New York has survived to this point of the season on the defensive end but it is starting to catch up to the.  The Knicks do not have a player that can finish games and takeover at the end. 

This has been a need for years now. Despite a strong season from Julius Randle, he is not the star that can take the Knicks to that next level. RJ Barrett has improved but is extremely inconsistent and looking like a role player. This is where a proven player like DeRozan could benefit the team.

He is showing that he is still capable of scoring at a high rate and is still a top midrange threat in the game. Many will shy away from this move because DeRozan is not a three-point threat, something else that the Knicks need. The fact remains that DeRozan is a huge upgrade from what is on the roster right now. 

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Coming out of this contract, DeMar DeRozan will not have a huge price tag on the open market. This is something for the Knicks to seriously consider if they want to take that next step in the East.