This Kings-Lakers offseason trade is focused on Buddy Hield

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The Sacramento Kings held course at the NBA trade deadline. Buddy Hield did not get sent away like expected. This has been an ideal floated around in NBA trade rumors since the offseason but nothing is happened just yet. The Los Angeles Lakers could come in during the offseason and steal Hield in a trade.

Hield is having another productive season for the Kings but hasn’t managed to take the next step. He has been one of the most discussed names on the trading block because of his ability on the offensive end of the floor. Hield continues to be a sharp shooter from three-point range and this is something that would help most teams in today’s NBA.

Sacramento does not look like they are going to compete for quite some time which is why they have been mentioned in selling players. De’Aaron Fox has been doing his best to carry them and has strung together some wins, but they still are on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoff picture.

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That’s for the Lakers, they are the ultimate win-now team. They are coming off a championship and look primed to win another one this season when they are healthy. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are dealing with injuries that have kept them sidelined.

When the time comes, Los Angeles is expected to come out of the Western Conference. Hield would help their prowess for three-point range in this is something they can views come in the playoffs. With teams having to focus on slowing down LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Hield could be quite an intriguing complementary talent.

Hield not be able to help the Lakers this year but he is under contract it would be a valuable piece moving forward. Let’s take a look and see how this deal might happen in the offseason.