Knicks pressing Pelicans to make a trade for Lonzo Ball

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The New York Knicks are one of the biggest surprises in the 2020-21 NBA season. Many people thought deadline day would be a time for them to ship out some expiring contracts for future draft assets, similar to what they did last year with Marcus Morris Sr. But, with a record of 22-22 and in sixth place in the Eastern Conference, the Knicks are looking to add at the deadline.

New York knows what they need; a long-term answer at the point guard spot and some more 3-point shooting. They could accomplish both of those goals by acquiring New Orleans Pelicans point guard, Lonzo Ball.

According to LegionHoopsRoss, the Knicks are pressing the Pelicans for a deal involving Ball before the deadline.

Ball would represent a massive upgrade at the point guard spot for the Knicks. While Elfrid Payton has had his moments, his shortcomings as a shooter are sometimes difficult to overcome. Ball is knocking down a career-high 38.5 percent of his 3-point attempts this season and has made huge strides as a shooter in his career.

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While Ball leaves a lot to be desired as a finisher around the rim, the Knicks need his spacing in the starting five. All-Star Julius Randle and RJ Barrett attacking the basket relentlessly and having a reliable floor spacer next to them, along with Reggie Bullock, could help take this offense to the next level.

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You know what you are getting every night from a Tom Thibodeau team; they will bring it on defense, which the Knicks have been doing. Ball is an elite defender at the top of the defense given his length and ability to switch on defense.

A package for Ball is tough to pinpoint, as the Pelicans have been trying to attach Eric Bledsoe’s contract to him. If that is the case, they won’t receive much back in the way of compensation. If Bledsoe isn’t attached, it is not out of the realm of possibilities they ask for at least one, if not two, first-round picks in exchange for their budding point guard.