This Magic-Mavericks trade is centered on Evan Fournier

Josh Richardson, Dallas Mavericks, NBA

Why This Trade Would Benefit The Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic have been able to take advantage of a weak Eastern Conference over the past two years and find a way into the playoffs is a little seed. They have been unable to advance or even compete in the series because they are taking on the top teams in the conference.

That would be the same this year if they snuck in but that is looking up in the air at the moment. The Magic had some decisions to make in the beginning of the year whether they were going to be buyers or sellers. With the way the season has progressed so far, it is obvious that they should be sellers and Fournier could be the first name gone.

Aaron Gordon and Terrence Ross are other names we have seen floating around at times in NBA trade rumors. Fournier makes the most sense because of his current contract situation. If he is not going to re-sign with the Magic, then they should move him for a large return. 

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They could definitely land some players for the future along with second-round draft capital. This would be beneficial in other deals moving forward if the Magic decide to make them.