NBA execs believe the Bulls will try to make an impact trade

Zach LaVine, Bulls
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls are a team that will have some tough decisions to make ahead of the NBA trade deadline. While rumors have suggested that the team could trade Zach LaVine, that does not seem likely at this point. Instead, they could look to add more talent to their roster.

LaVine is the kind of player that the Bulls can build around long-term. If they add a second star next to him, they could turn into a serious contender in the Eastern Conference.

With that in mind, many executives around the NBA believe that the Bulls could look to make a trade to add an impact player.

“Zach LaVine isn’t going anywhere, in fact the Bulls want to add to their core, not subtract from it. They are looking to make a trade for a player who can come in and make an immediate impact. It sounds like they want to push for the playoffs rather than sell at the deadline.”

So far this season, the Bulls have compiled a 16-18 record. They are currently the No. 9 seed in the conference just outside of the playoffs.

Billy Donovan was hired to be the team’s head coach in the offseason and many expected the team to improve. Finding good coaching is hard, but Donovan is one of the best at developing a team. He has done a great job and has put the Bulls in a position to bring in more talent.

Granted, there is no guarantee that the Bulls will be able to pull off a sizable trade. They do have young talent to make something happen with names like Wendell Carter Jr., Coby White, and Lauri Markkanen.

Names that have been mentioned as potential trade targets are Victor Oladipo and Kyle Lowry. It would seem that Lowry would be the better target right now. Kemba Walker was another name the Bulls pursued in the offseason, but the Boston Celtics aren’t likely to trade him now.

All of that being said, it will be interesting to see what the Bulls end up doing. Chicago has the potential to make moves and it sounds like they would like to. Only time will tell whether or not they’re able to add talent around LaVine before the trade deadline.