This Clippers-Timberwolves trade is centered on Ricky Rubio to L.A.

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The LA Clippers

The point guard position is arguably the most important on the floor. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are in all-world duo but the lack of point guard ability on the roster has cost Los Angeles. We saw this when they were taken out in the second round by the Denver Nuggets a year ago.

This is the fate that Los Angeles is trying to avoid this season. Beverley is better suited coming off the bench. He gives the team a spark, especially on the defensive end of the floor, but is not a scoring threat. This means that defenses do not have to pay much attention to him on that end.

This puts more pressure on Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to both handle the ball and take over games offensively. Ricky Rubio would not have to come in and score at a high rate, but he is a better ball handler and passer than Beverley. 

One of the benefits to having a point guard like Rubio is that he’s an impactful overall defender who can guard in on-ball defense. The Clippers would gain a considerable upgrade in facilitation without having to give up defensive impact.

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Los Angeles would be able to keep Lou Williams, which is an underrated part of this deal. This would immediately improve their depth and give them a starting-caliber guard to go along with the best sixth man in the game.