This Hornets-Knicks trade lands Terry Rozier in New York

Kevin Knox, Bulls, Lakers, Knicks
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Why This Is A Good Trade For Charlotte

The Charlotte Hornets realistically won’t be contenders in the Eastern Conference for another year or two, so stacking up some draft capital and young talent could be the power play for the Hornets.

The Hornets are in the playoff hunt this season, but if they don’t address their need for big man depth, they’ll struggle to get any substantial playmaking moving forward. Adding Kevin Knox and Alec Burks would give the Hornets some great youth and depth to factor into the mix as well.

Charlotte is certainly a team to be on the watch for in the coming years and making this trade could put them in the mix much sooner.

If a deal between these two teams get done, there could be a lot of talent and winning in these two teams’ futures.