This Lakers-Pelicans trade is focused on Eric Bledsoe to L.A.

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The New Orleans Pelicans

When Jrue Holiday was sent away, it clearly showed the direction New Orleans is heading. They still have some other veteran names on the roster, such as Eric Bledsoe and JJ Redick, that could be dealt. Lonzo Ball is another player who has come up in NBA trade rumors in recent weeks and would land them a nice return.

Zion Williamson is looking like a star just his second year in the league while Brandon Ingram continues to be elite after signing an extension in the offseason. This is the core of the Pelicans moving forward and it is now about putting the right players around them.

Dennis Schroder is a young guard on a short-term deal that would fit into the plan. The Pelicans would be able to take advantage of his skillset while keeping their options open for the future. They would be able to keep Schroder if they feel the need for potentially trade him next season.

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New Orleans has the star power but it is all about putting the right role players around them. Right now, they are in a rebuilding phase where they are looking to be sellers at the NBA trade deadline. This means Bledsoe’s time in New Orleans could be up.