Brooklyn Nets shopping Spencer Dinwiddie to make roster upgrades

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The Brooklyn Nets are beginning to find their stride. They have climbed up into second place in the Eastern Conference on the back of an eight-game winning streak. They have pushed their record to 22-12, and a majority of the winning streak has come with NBA superstar Kevin Durant sidelined.

That is the luxury the Nets have that many other teams, such as the Los Angeles Lakers dealing with an Anthony Davis injury, have. They have two more superstars in Kyrie Irving and James Harden to carry the team and keep things moving along.

The biggest turnaround for the Nets has been on the defensive side as the ball. As they have grown more comfortable with each other, the defense has improved. They are an all-world offense, even playing slightly below average defense would result in numerous blowouts.

While the Nets are riding high right now, they know the job isn’t close to being done. While they are playing well, the roster is still thin from the Harden trade. They had to sacrifice multiple key pieces of their rotation to get the deal done and would like to replenish the roster sooner than later. One way to do that, it sounds based on the latest NBA trade rumors, is by trading point guard, Spencer Dinwiddie.

It will be interesting to see if there is any backlash from the Nets doing this. Earlier this week, it was revealed that general managers around the league were ticked off at Boston Celtics GM, Danny Ainge, shopping Kemba Walker in the offseason because he had undergone surgery and was ‘damaged goods’. Dinwiddie would fall into the same category, as he is recovering from ACL surgery.

When healthy, Dinwiddie has shown that he can be an excellent combo guard. Depending on who is in the backcourt with him, he can either play the point or off-ball. He can fill it up as well, as he averaged 20.6 points per game last season.

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Dinwiddie has flourished in Brooklyn. Had he been healthy, he would be a great trade chip to upgrade the roster around Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving However, he is not and trading him now would not be prudent as his value is very low.

The Nets can try and move Spencer Dinwiddie, but it would not be shocking if they are met with a cold market. Teams around the league are not going to do them any favors, especially taking on a player that will not help on the court for the remainder of the season.