4 playoff contenders who could push for a PJ Tucker trade

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This past NBA offseason was a mess for the Houston Rockets and they carried a lot of their problems into the regular season as well. After trading Russell Westbrook in the offseason for John Wall, James Harden all requested a trade and the Rockets were hesitant to trade him at first. 

After about a month into the year and James Harden doing everything he can to be traded, the Rockets finally granted him his wish and sent him to the Brooklyn Nets, who already had Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Now this Houston organization is facing many decisions to make because they have some former All-Star with a lot of injury history in John Wall and Victor Oladipo, as well as some veteran talents in Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker who could receive a lot of trade interest around the league. 

At this point, the Rockets need to realize that they have no shot at keeping this team as a playoff contender and as a result, need to do everything they can to gain assets now to build for the future.

Tucker is turning 36 years old this season and with him in the back-half of his career, they might as well try and get a first-round pick for him seeing as they no longer have any chance to win a title.

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While he has struggled to do much of anything to get in the stat books this season, PJ Tucker is still a veteran player plenty of teams around the league could be interested in, especially playoff contending teams. He does all the little things that do not get marked in stat sheets, which is why he still holds value to his name even though his stats say he should be on the end-of-the bench. 

With that said, let’s take a look at four playoff contending teams who should make a push for a PJ Tucker trade. 

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