NBA scout shares intriguing trade destination for Victor Oladipo

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets acquired Victor Oladipo from the Indiana Pacers as part of the trade that sent James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets. Even though they traded for him, reports have come out that they could move him again before the NBA trade deadline. Quite a few teams would have interest in a player of his caliber.

One NBA scout, who requested to remain anonymous, shared a very intriguing potential landing spot for Oladipo.

“A team I think could be a perfect fit would be Golden State. The Warriors could use more offense and Oladipo would fit nicely with Steph Curry. Oladipo could go a lot of different places, but the Warriors are a team that I would keep an eye on.”

Victor Oladipo heading to Golden State would be fun to watch. With Klay Thompson out for the season, bringing in a more dynamic shooting guard would be ideal. And, Oladipo would only be a one year investment.

Should the Warriors acquire Oladipo from the Houston Rockets, they would be able to watch him for half a season and decide what they wanted to do. If he fit well with Steph Curry, they could try to re-sign him. On the other hand, if he didn’t fit, they could let him walk easily in free agency.

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Since being traded to the Rockets, Victor Oladipo has played in 11 games. He has averaged 18.4 points per game to go along with 4.9 assists, 4.8 rebounds, and 1.1 steals. In addition to those numbers, he has shot 38.6 percent from the floor and 29.9 percent from three-point range.

Those shooting percentages certainly aren’t ideal, but Oladipo is capable of better. Playing with the Warriors would help him play in an up-tempo style of offense, which would fit his style perfectly.

At the time of this writing, the Warriors are 16-14 on the season. They are playoff contenders. Perhaps adding Victor Oladipo would elevate their level of play a bit.

Expect to hear quite a few NBA trade rumors about the Rockets and Oladipo as the trade deadline draws closer. They may not move him, but if they do, the Warriors could be a perfect destination.