This Knicks-Wizards trade is centered on All-Star starter Bradley Beal

RJ Barrett, New York Knicks, NBA
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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Washington Wizards 

The Washington Wizards have been one of the worst teams in the NBA for a couple years now. The duo of Bradley Beal and John Wall was ruined when the point guard began suffering injuries. Now that he is gone, Beal could be the next one out, and they would get a huge return for the elite scorer. 

It seems almost inevitable for the Wizards to have to trade Bradley Beal at some point. He’s playing at such an incredible level but the team has just never managed to catch up. Washington doesn’t appear capable of doing so given their team building strategy the last few offseason.

RJ Barrett is beginning to take the next step in just a second year in the league and could be a key player to build around for the Wizards. He struggles from three-point range but has the size and strength to get to the basket and score in the lane.

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Mitchell Robinson is already an elite defender down low while Frank Ntilikina could just benefit from a change of scenery. They would also get three first-round picks in this deal, one being from the Dallas Mavericks, who is looking like a lottery team to begin the year.

This trade all comes down to the current state of Washington and the mess that the franchise is turned into. Bradley Beal simply appears to be outplaying his current situation and would be best suited teaming up with other stars or getting to a bigger market where he can recruit them.