This Knicks-Wizards trade is centered on All-Star starter Bradley Beal

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The New York Knicks

The New York Knicks finally have a competitive team that fans can get excited about watching. This has not happened since the early days of Carmelo Anthony. Thibodeau and the front office seem to have the franchise finally pointed in the right direction.

This is a ton to give back for any player. Bradley Beal is as good as there is in the league but the return is not cheap. This means that the Knicks would have to extend Randle. He is in the second year of his three-year contract and they cannot allow him to get away if they trade RJ Barrett.

Bradley Beal appears to be the caliber of player that would be worth pushing the chips in the center of the table to acquire. He’s become as good of a scorer as any player in the league and could form quite an intriguing one-two punch with Julius Randle with the Knicks.

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Immanuel Quickley is looking like a player who can be good for many years. Beal will take over the shooting guard position while Randle continues to grow and dominate down low. Beal is the star presence that the Knicks have been missing.

Again, it will all come down to what the front office believes is right. As good as Carmelo Anthony was during his time in New York, the Knicks gave up a ton and they cannot afford to mortgage the future for one player again.