This Bulls-Mavericks trade forms a Kristaps Porzingis, Zach LaVine duo

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have been one of the bottom feeders in the league and could use a trade to change their fortunes. Billy Donovan came in as head coach and gave the team a viable option on the sideline. Now, it is about putting the right lineup on the floor.

If either Zach LaVine or Lauri Markkanen are dealt, it will be for a load of assets or a star. In this particular deal, Kristaps Porzingis would be that star. When healthy, he is one of the most unique talents in the league.

At 7-foot-3, Porzingis can shoot like a guard and defends well inside the paint. He was originally brought to Dallas to form this duo with Luka Doncic but it could ultimately be the Bulls who benefit.

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Zach LaVine has taken his offensive game up a level in each of the years he has been in Chicago. This is something that could continue if Kristaps Porzingis came to take some pressure away.

The Bulls have the assets to make a big-splash deal and it would not be a surprise to see them pull the trigger. Now, it is all about waiting and see what the front office decides to do.