This Pistons-Warriors trade is focused on Jerami Grant

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons are currently 8-20 this season. They have full intention to trade Blake Griffin at the deadline and he has become one of the main names in NBA trade rumors as a result. The team appears headed for a full rebuild as they sit last in the Eastern Conference standings.

Grant signed a three-year deal in the offseason. He was the big move for the Pistons, who were a bit aggressive in free agency to add frontcourt mates. In this particular deal, the Pistons would land Andrew Wiggins and some draft capital. This year, the Pistons used their first-round pick on Killian Hayes.

He will miss some time with an injury which halted the plan for the season. Detroit will look to unload their veteran players and big contracts in hopes of putting themselves in a more favorable situation moving forward.

Dwane Casey has some serious work to do as head coach of this team. The front office will have to make some big moves and it could begin with this deal involving Jerami Grant.