This Blazers-Cavs trade pairs Andre Drummond with Lillard and McCollum

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Why This Trade Makes Sense For The Cleveland Cavaliers

After starting the year off hot, things have cooled down for the Cavs and they are finally looking like the team we all expected them to be. They are not going to make the playoffs this year, but the best thing they can do at this moment is continue searching for young talent to build with for years to come. 

Zach Collins is only 23-years old and Rodney Hood is 28-years old, giving the Cavs two “younger” players who do have a lot of experience in the NBA. Both guys have suffered some major injuries, but do possess a lot of potential moving forward to be key role players for a younger, less-experienced team. 

Getting these two guys could definitely help the Cavaliers second-unit in future years, but the two first-round picks they receive in this trade are the most valuable assets they receive. After trading away two non-factor players and a second-round pick for Drummond last year, it is safe to say that the Cavs investment in the former All-Star has paid off. 

They have turned nothing into two valuable draft picks, which could help them grow their already impressive young core. The best thing this organization can do is to continue building through the draft and gathering young players with a lot of potential, which is what this trade sets them up to do. 

The Cavaliers do not have plans to use Andre Drummond anymore and are actively trying to trade him, which is exactly why they should consider trading him to Portland for some key role players and two first-round picks. 

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